WU LYF ‘We Bros’

I’m still getting into the swing of writing these track of the day things. I’m actually starting to enjoy them. It’s kind of a nice thing to do towards the end of the day. I’ve been feeling a little nostalgic recently. I’m post uni and am still getting used to that transition from being a student to a real adult who pays his own phone bill, and remembers to wash his jeans from time to time. With all that in mind, the track of the day is ‘We Bros‘ from the infamous WU LYF. A track that makes me time travel. Sitting out in the cold winter, smoking and drinking and playing music so loud me and my friends could barely hear each other.  My best friend Max introduced me to them a long time ago and at first, I hated them. I couldn’t get on with the vocals. I eventually got over it and for a short period after they became “Our Band” – we didn’t want to share them. Sadly, their existence was short but sweet, having only released one wondrous album, ‘Go Tell Fire To The Mountain’  which was recorded in a cathedral in Manchester, that reverb ain’t artificial kids. It in turn left a legacy that has since influenced numerous bands across the world. LYFSpitting Blood, Heavy Pop & Brooklyn Girls were all strong contenders for TOTD today. If you hadn’t heard of WU LYF, it’s about time you have. Enjoy.

– Conor

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