Moon Panda ‘Rabbit’

In case you didn’t notice I was on holiday last week, visiting my mum and dad in Italy. It was so good to get away from London for a bit and just relax (and try my best not to work remotely). I can’t say I physically feel that well rested because the journey back absolutely killed me, but mentally I feel replenished to blissful baby-like levels of chillness. A week away from sardine can tube journeys and never-ending emails will do that to a person. I feel like a weight has been lifted from me, and a new found sense of calm washes over me with comforting regularity; everything is going to be alright. It’s not like me to feel optimistic for no reason, but I really do at the moment – I wonder when the nail-biting, tongue-twisting panic of existential crises will set in again? At least if it does, I now know the cure-all tonic for millennial anxiety – long days lying in the garden and a blank to-do lists will generally do the trick. Even better if you have something super chill to listen to – I recommend the dreamy debut single from Brighton based band Moon Panda. ‘Rabbit’ is the epitome of ‘louche’, with lazily meandering percussion, softly syncopated guitars, and reverb drenched vocals in gauzy harmony. Don’t let all the languidness fool you though; the last section of the track comes as something of a surprise with off key organs and raucous guitar riffs. Enjoy.


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