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Meal deals are shite. Well, they’re not, they’re delicious, depending on what though. My brother always told me you can tell a lot about a man from his meal deal. I think really weird people probably get a Ploughman Sandwich, maybe a Fanta and maybe Walkers French Fries – the Worcester Sauce flavour. Now, don’t get me wrong I quite like all those things individually but if I was dating someone and they chose that I’d think they were a mentalist. So, what does it say about me that everyday I buy a Chicken Caesar Wrap, Cool Original Doritos and one of those Starbucks double Espresso with milk things? Probably that I love SICK music. You tell me. The Track of The Day is ‘Better’ from West London four piece alternative pop band Weird Milk. It was a literally music to my ears this afternoon. If this single is telling of things to come then the world should be excited. Imagine if when Alex Turner began creating music he put all of his efforts into the TLSP’s and you’ll get the kinda vibe these gents are making. It’s got a lot more going on though, I don’t want to pigeon hole them. A top notch track. You can catch them at the Camden Assembly on the 14th August.

– Conor

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