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Me and my dad (yes I live with my dad, lets not dwell) decided to grow chillies the other month and this morning we discovered, after close inspection, that there was indeed a chilli growing on our CHILLI PLANT. Pure joy. I wanted to leap but my dad kind of gave me a look of “errrr…mate…” so I decided not to. I was beaming. I love gardening and all that. I’m growing my own Conker tree, my own Oak tree and I once saved a withered Fuschia from the grasps of death with a mix of love, plant feed, water and a kiss. So, after a pretty disastrous week of football, I think it’s fair to say that chilli gave me a boost. The whether in London today must be working wonders on all my plants. I think someone said this morning that there was meant to be a thunderstorm, nothing I love more than a thunderstorm. Apart from chillies, and my dog, gardening, Killing Moon Records (hope Ach is reading this), beers and cuddling. The list goes on to be fair. Now, the list of things I hate extends to this. Kate Bush and vinegar. Kate Bush because I think she needs to just calm down a bit. And vinegar because I can’t understand why anyone would want to do that to a chip? Regardless of all this, Holy Now and their Indie-Shoegaze miracle that is ‘Tainted Heart’ definitely makes it onto my LOVE list. A perfect track that’ll accompany you into the weekend, next week, or month or whatever you want. I cannot stop listening. Got a lovely, Beach House sounding riff towards the end that really itches a scratch.

– Conor

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