Press Shot 3 (Tired) small


It is unbearably humid today. We keep being promised rain but it never seems to appear; the clouds look like they’re about to bust a gut for a few hours and then they just clear away. My cat is suffering in particular. She used to be an outside cat, but our current flats proximity to the main road means she has been confined to the indoors for the last year or so. So far, she’s been doing great, but the hot weather recently seems to be driving her crazy, and nothing will quench her thirst for the outside. In fact, she tried to jump out the first floor window last night, which was a bit traumatising. I’m trying desperately to find ways to make her more comfortable, but aside from shaving her thick fluffy coat off, I’m at a bit of a loss. Leaving the fan on seems to just push hot air around the room, whilst giving her a cold bath is completely out of the question (unless you’re cool with your arms being shredded like confetti, in which case party on). I think we are both having a hard time getting to sleep in the heat, which makes today’s Track Of The Day super appropriate; ‘Tired’ is the latest single from singer/songwriter Josh Vine. Taking inspiration from the likes of Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, and Ben Howard, the alternative musician outdoes himself in the new single. With intricate guitar melodies overlaid with piercing reversed melodies, the new single comes into it’s own in the climactic chorus, as Vine’s gentle falsetto croons ‘I’ll just stand here / Singing the same old bullshit / Trying to work out what to say’. Dark, sweeping, and softly emotive, this is the perfect listening for anyone who is feeling a bit fed up at the moment. Enjoy.


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