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Queen Zee ‘Sass Or Die’

I can’t believe I’m going on holiday on Friday and the weather is predicted to be exactly the same as it is in England. Not that it’s a bad thing considering how glorious it’s been lately, but I can’t help but feel a bit miffed. When you go on holiday you want the weather at home to be horrendous so you can feel all smug while lying on the beach and soaking up the sun. Oh well – one thing that Italy has that London doesn’t is a slower pace of life, which I am looking forward to being part of for the next week. No more walking at ‘London pace’, and no more elbow-jabbing my way onto public transport like some kind of MUG. I’m going to sleep lots, eat well, and swim every day, and hopefully I will return a gorgeous well rested butterfly hunty! (Read in Queer Eye’s Jonathon Van Ness’ voice for full effect). If you couldn’t tell already, I’m feeling sassy today, which is the perfect excuse to listen to the new Queen Zee track ‘Sass Or Die’. The new single is a call to arms for the DIY punk band, showcasing their riotous energy, youthful effervescence, and defiant spirit, with wailing guitars and proto-punk drums providing the backdrop to the screeching lead hook ‘I wanna do this for the rest of my life’. Living up to their ‘Rocky Horror show on steroids’ credentials (courtesy of R1’s Phil Taggart), the accompanying video sees them take over the legendary Peter Kavanagh’s Pub in Liverpool in true Queen Zee style; baby pink cowboy hats, leather clad bears, and head-banging locals in their undies are all part of the ‘sass or die’ ethos. Enjoy.


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