Drinker ‘Follow’

Anyone else having trouble sleeping at the moment? Over the last week my bedroom has transformed into the fiery pits of hell and I am finding it harder and harder to nod off, despite the best efforts of my fan (which is really just blowing around hot air at this point). Waking up at 2am with the sheets wrapped around your ankles is never ideal, but as I rose wearily to cool off I was at least happy in the knowledge that I was due a good seven hours of rest before my alarm goes off. This was not to be. Instead I was rudely awoken at 8am by a searing pain in my forehead – the cat had just jumped onto my face, and in the process, had carved a rather handsome scratch into my head with her back paw. I clutched my throbbing head in my hands and tried to go back to sleep to no avail. Oh the joys of pet ownership. She has been particularly difficult over the past few days, and I think she may be going a little stir crazy in the hot weather. In no particular order, she has made several escape attempts, spent hours yowling at the door, growled at me menacingly and scratched me after having a bad dream, and refused to sleep anywhere except the kitchen counter (which is less than hygienic). Oh, and she also vomited/diarrhoea’d all over the floor on Saturday morning. Basically, she is being a little shit at the moment, and my hands, arms, and now face are paying the price. At the end of the day though, I’ll still go home and pick her up and give her a cuddle and some dinner, because that’s what unconditional love is all about (but if she scratches my face again, she’ll be getting a swift boot up the bum and that is a promise). To prepare myself for going back into my fiery hell flat complete with demonic feline, I’m listening to the new chilled out track from Drinker in a bid to get my cortisol levels down. ‘Follow’ is a stunning slow burner courtesy of songwriter Aaron Mendelsohn and composer Ariel Loh, exploring the the complexity of relationships through warm electronic jams. With subtle shuffling beats, hazy synths, and drooping basslines, Mendelsohn’s laid back and reverb drenched vocal is highlighted by far away distorted guitar riffs. Enjoy.


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