San Mei ‘Wonder’

The other day something magical happened to me – I got my first every ‘on the house’ coffee from Pret. In case you didn’t know, Pret have a policy that allows each member of staff to give a certain number of free coffees away per week – and it’s widely known that the staff tend to give coffees away to people they fancy. I had always been a little miffed that I had never been offered one before so you can imagine what a confidence boost it was to finally get them. That being said, they are also supposed to give them to people they like or regulars, but they are still alright categories to fall into (although the milk froth heart on the top of my coffee suggests it may have been the latter). Ego well and truly inflated, I have zipped through the rest of my week with a new found sense optimism and suddenly found myself in the warm embrace of a sunny Friday afternoon with a long summer weekend stretching ahead. Things are looking up. Today’s Track Of The Day is ‘Wonder’ from Australian newcomer San Mei. Boasting fuzzy guitar riffs and atmospheric synth melodies, the dreamy psych-tinged pop single explores ‘the feeling of somebody unknown capturing your attention, becoming an intoxicating illusion’. Enjoy.


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