Flamingosis ‘Finesse (Hey Baby)’

I don’t need to tell you that the whether in London is bloody glorious at the moment. There are few things more freeing than walking out of your house and not fretting about packing a spare cardie or jacket in case it feels a bit nippy outside – with temperatures averaging around 28 degrees this week, I think that’s hardly likely. A generous covering of suncream (cannot stress how important it is to wear suncream guys) and some shades, and you’re good to go. It is one of my pet peeves when people don’t wear suncream actually, and as someone who has a family history of skin cancer, I wear it on my face every day, even in the winter. It doesn’t matter if you have darker skin either; whilst your risk may be lower, sun damage can happen to anyone, and nobody wants to be a wrinkly old nan by the time they’re 27. Okay, public service announcement over – let’s listen to some summery goodness, courtesy of New Jersey producer Flamingosis, whose 2015 track ‘Finesse (Hey Baby)’ is absolutely essential summer listening for any year. One of the early pioneers of lo-fi hip hop and VHS inspired vaporwave, this track sees the young producer turn his hand to bright soul samples, jangly chimes, and crunchy distorted beats. Fans of J Dilla and Daft Punk alike will find something to love in this vivacious and sunny single. Enjoy.


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