Agar Agar ‘Sorry About The Carpet’

Yesterday, when walking to Starbucks to get my daily ‘good’ coffee, I noticed the charity shop around the corner from work was having a sale – and not just any sale. ‘EVERYTHING £1″ screamed the posters. As if pulled by the navel by a cosmic umbilical cord, I found myself being dragged into the shop by some unseen force, the lure of those signs too much to resist. Once inside, I quickly realised I had entered a war zone, and each section (women’s, men’s, accessories, etc.) represented it’s own battlefield. People pushed, and clawed at racks of clothes, filling their arms with as much stuff as they could manage, while I ducked in and out of them with the bravery of a general and the grace of a ballerina. I only picked out two things in the sale, but I’m pretty happy – the first, a cropped jumped that will be a godsend on chilly summer nights, and the second a mid-length lace skirt, which dare I say looks kind of expensive? It’s from H&M so it’s not, but still. Anyway, today I’m listening to the new single from achingly cool French electronic duo Agar Agar, ‘Sorry About The Carpet’ (sounds like a song my cat would write), the latest single taken from their upcoming album ‘The Dog & The Future’. Minimalist synth bass pulses beneath singer Clara Cappagli’s deadpan vocal, with cascading sine wave melodies and pared back beats kicking in for the chorus – the perfect track for feeling cool and French walking down the street in a black lace midi skirt. Enjoy.


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