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Interview: DESMOND

Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, charming electro pop band DESMOND will be releasing their debut album later this year and they are offering us a taste of what it will be like with single ‘Cardboard Palace’, released this past 18 May and premiered via Surviving the Golden Age.

 A sophisticated funk-pop track, with an 80’s new wave/dance rock vibe, we guarantee it will make you want to jump on your feet and dance.  

KM: Hey guys, how are you? How do you feel after the release of the first track from your upcoming debut album?

Desmond: Pretty good! It’s the first of many! We are very proud and excited about sharing what we’ve been working on for the past couple of years.

Credits: Rasmus Kongsgaard

KM:  Tell us a bit more about ‘Cardboard Palace’ and the story behind it. What inspired you when writing it? Why did you decide to release this track specifically as the first offering from the album?

Desmond: Cardboard Palace is a story about a guy who had everything, but flew too close to the sun and lost it all. But he still refuses to acknowledge his new reality and ends up constructing his own reality. Even though he lost all is might and wealth, this rich wall street kind of guy won’t take off his fine suit, and suddenly he lives in a cardboard box and calls it his palace. We released Cardboard Palace first, because we think it encapsulates a lot of our ideas on the album. Especially contrasts. The track is kind of upbeat and happy for a sad story about a guy who hit rock bottom. Contradictions as a concept is good use for telling stories and to communicate specific moods. All four of us knows about the feeling of losing something precious on our own behalf. The story is then how you deal with it. We wanted to tell that story, both lyrically and musically, in a fun, and maybe tragicomic way.

KM: What are your influences more in general when making new music? Are there any particular artists you look up to?

Desmond: We love to listen to all different kinds of music from all ages, and we find inspiration in various genres. First and foremost, we listen to moods. Then we try to figure out how it was created, and what kind of instruments and effects that was used to generate this specific sound. At the same time, we also like to experiment putting together old fashioned synthesizers like the analog moog, polyfonic Mellotron, and the Solina strings with the more electronic vibe. We really dig combining organic instruments with the electronic ones. We like to listen to bands like Phoenix, M83, Foals and Bombay Bicycle Club who are all known for doing just that.

KM: How did DESMOND come together? How did you guys meet and decide to start the band?

Desmond: Three of us; Christian Snorgaard (guitar), Andreas Snorgaard (bass/synth) and Alexander Topsøe (drums) grew up on the same street and have played music together since we were ten years old. We used to jam songs by The Police and The Cure.  We then later on turned the tempo up a nudge and devoted ourselves to music like The Killers, Bloc Party and Phoenix. We played in various constellations through our adolescent years and thereby got a lot of experiences. We took a couple of years off the stage to finish our individual educations, but decided to restart our music two years ago back in 2016. That was when we ran into Asbjørn (vocals). Asbjørn was a perfect match to the compositions and sound, and he quickly became a part of the group.

KM: How would you describe the Danish music scene? Do you think there are opportunities for new artists to grow, even outside of the country’s borders?

Desmond: Denmark is a rather small country with a population of nearly 6 million people. Therefore, the Danish music scene is rather small compared to other European countries. Even so the country provides a lot of musical talent.  We experience great competition to gain the Danes attention. Especially when competing with genres like Hip hop, RnB and commercial pop. We have a lot of love and faith for our music and we’re bursting through the Danish atmosphere. We do believe that we can contribute to the Danish music scene and that we can earn the Danes affection.

We actually like to think about the Desmond sound being more international than Danish, and the industry has grown beyond borders all around the world. Therefore, we actually believe that we have greater chances to conquer the stages outside of Denmark. Just look at artist like MØ, Lukas Graham and Iceage – All very successful Danish artist abroad.

Credits: Rasmus Kongsgaard

KM: Do you have any upcoming releases before the album come out that we should stay tuned for? Any plans of coming to London anytime soon?

Desmond: Yes, we do! We will release the second single from our upcoming album the 13th July. The song is called Typhoon and goes full throttle compared to Cardboard palace. We’re currently trying to connect with Britain and would love to come and play in London – Just name the time and place.

KM: Finally – anything else you’d like to add before we leave? Where can people find you on social media to stay up to date?

Desmond: We hope to meet you guys on the other side of the group stages for the World Cup. Look out for the Vikings!
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