Garden Centre ‘Wheelie’

I’ve slowly started to get back into gardening (proper gardening, that is – misting my houseplants a few times a week doesn’t really count), and planted tomatoes, strawberries, basil, and flowers outside my front door. It’s not much, but it feels good to revisit a hobby that gave me so much joy in the past, and it can be an extremely therapeutic way of escaping the constant stream of media bullshit that my eyes glaze over during most waking hours of the day. Whilst I can’t do much with a few pots and about half a square metre of outdoor space, it gives me just enough of the things I love most about gardening; the smell of growing flowers, the feel of the dirt under your nails, and the satisfying back ache that signifies a job well done. It’s also a great way to get a tan as long as your wearing plenty of suncream of course, and I love a good garden centre for whiling away an afternoon. I’ll be honest, this was all a rather convoluted way of leading to today’s Track Of The Day, which comes courtesy of a band called (you guessed it) Garden Centre. Made up of members from the likes of Joanna Gruesome, King of Cats, and Keel Her, the band’s latest single is all about the joys of riding a bike on one wheel (gasp). Wailing synths and lo-fi drums meld with childlike vocals and distorted guitar noise for a hyperactive and totally endearing new single from the five-piece. Check out the cute video for ‘Wheelie’ below:


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