NEWS: DESMOND share sophisticated new single, ‘Cardboard Palace’

+ Out on 18th May 2018
+ Premiered via Surviving the Golden Age
+ Previous support from Bands of Tomorrow, Poplish and The Bob and Katie Show
+ Influenced by Phoenix, The Killers, M83 and Foals
+ Sold out Copenhagen shows
+ Debut album set for release on 17th August 2018, so stay tuned!


“From first listen it is clear that we are dealing with a very talented bunch. The EP just showcases pure uncompromised quality.”Bands of Tomorrow

“Fun and danceable” – Surviving the Golden Age

Hailing from Copenhagen, charming electro-pop band DESMOND released their debut single titled ‘Paris’ in 2016. Focusing on energetic and positive music, compared the lyrics that address the gloomier things in life, the band take influences from experiences from their  youth. Followed by their EP ‘Passage’, the band performed a sold-out live show at Rust in November 2017 in Copenhagen alongside many other gigs around the capital.

DESMOND describe Cardboard Palace as “a story about a fall from glory. To lose everything you once identified with and now finding yourself in a new reality.”  It is about the unsecure airy fairies of modern society that provides so much for the few who keeps on taking.”

Made up of Christian Noer Snorgaard, Andreas Noer Snorgaard, Alexander Topsøe and Asbjørn Storgaard, the band take influences from Phoenix, The Killers, M83 and Foals. 

DESMOND are gearing up to release their debut album produced by Carsten Heller (The Minds of 99, Duné Nephew) on 17th August 2018.


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