Welcome back to the daily grind everyone! After a glorious bank holiday weekend, the country is back hard at work, and it’s no exception here in the KM offices. I for one, had a rather busy weekend (if you can count lazing around in beer gardens as being busy), and yesterday went to my very first drag show. I’ve been in awe of drag performers since I was little, and I remember the first time I saw a drag queen in the flesh extremely vividly – I was around 10, and on holiday in Spain. As I walked with my family through the resort strip, two queens were walking in the opposite direction. Statuesque in their skyscraper heels and dripping in sequins, I remember thinking they were the most beautiful, confident people I had ever seen. I felt much the same last night. The Brooklyn born show, ‘Nightgowns’ was hosted by RuPaul’s Drag Race star Sasha Velour, whose conceptual take on drag saw her take the crown in the series’ ninth season. She nearly moved me to tears in all honesty. Something that she said last night really resonated with me, that we at are all ‘doing drag’ in our own way, like the RuPaul song says, ‘We’re all born naked and the rest is drag’. Every time we put on an outfit for work, every time we hang out with friends, we are all putting on a kind of performance – really we are only our true selves, alone and unclothed. I feel like this is something Australian moody pop chanteuse Parker could relate to as well, with her seductive, performative take on electronic indie pop evoking the fakery we all indulge in day to day. Debut EP ‘The Life Illusion’ follows the release of single ‘High’, and her breakout track ‘Thighs’, which landed her a synch on MTV’s Catfish, and it explores feelings of nostalgia around growing up in Australia and how her life has changed since moving to London. Particularly good is ‘316’, a track resplendent with shimmering synths, dark echoing guitars, and industrial beats that provide a swirling backdrop to her sophisticated, breathy vocal. Enjoy.



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