Amelia Caesar ‘I Think We’re Home’

I thought I was feeling better but I’m not – if anything, I feel worse today now that the dreaded cold has fully taken over my entire being, leaving me a snivelling, sneezing wretch. Lemsip helps, but what I really want is a scalding hot bath and a day curled up with the cat. I’ve been off my tits on Lemsip for the last three days, and it’s having some interesting effects on my psyche. Last night I got out of bed to make a fresh cup, having struggled to sleep with a blocked nose, and as I leant back in bed with my purple concoction, I heard a phone vibrate. It wasn’t mine, and I was alone in the flat. It sounded as though it was coming from under the bed. My heart started pounding as I went through the possibilities in my head; was someone hiding under the bed waiting for me to fall asleep before murdering me with an axe? The cat had been acting weird earlier, sniffing around under the mattress. I worked up the courage to get on my hands and knees and actually look – unsurprisingly, there was no deranged axe murderer waiting to chop me up. I figured the sound must be my next door neighbours phone, which led to a whole new worrying train of thought. If I can hear their phone vibrate through the wall, what can they hear from our flat? Can they hear every time I blow my nose in bed? Very troubling. I’ve been trying to blow quietly ever since. Anyway, enough neuroses, it’s time for a bit of music. Today’s Track Of The Day is from Demolition Day alumni Amelia Caesar, whose latest track ‘I Think We’re Home’ is a transfixing folk-inspired acoustic number, with her characteristic fluttering vocal taking centre stage. Ideal for fans of Lucy Rose and Agnes Obel, this is a perfect song to soundtrack a rainy day curled up on the couch.


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