S’natra ‘Paper Straight’

Euuurghh. I’m working from home today because I work up feeling like I’d spent the night with a chainsaw down my throat. Luckily, the combination of Peep Show, Lemsip, and a cozy blanket seems to be doing the trick, and I’m feeling better than I did this morning – although it’s hard to shake off that lingering tiredness that always seems to stick around long after you start to feel otherwise well again. Maybe a sofa nap is in order – but first, I am obliged by law to share some new music with you. There’s no rest for the music blogger after all. Today’s Track Of The Day comes from NYC born and raised rapper S’natra, whose latest track ‘Paper Straight’ sees him team up with artist and activist Synead. Full to the brim with retro sampled brass hits, shuffling trap beats, and honeyed RnB vocals, all underpinned by S’natra’s ingenious rap flows. Taken from his upcoming mixtape ‘Subject To Change’, the new single explores the hardships he faces as an emerging rapper, and the difficulty of balancing his burgeoning career with his family values. Enjoy.


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