Blood Beach ‘Your Eyes’

I got my hair cut last night. I’ve been desperate to get my damaged ends hacked off for a while, and when I saw someone advertising free hair cuts for trainee hairdressers, I jumped at the chance. What I didn’t know, is that it would end up being a three day commitment. I was sat in the chair last night for over three hours while my lovely hairdresser carried out the most precise cut of my life, and I will be going back tomorrow morning before work so she can finish it off. After that, I am to go back on Tuesday morning for a blow dry and makeup, and back again that evening so she can show off her hard work to her teachers for grading. For a free haircut at a top salon, it seems fair to me that I should have to put in a little of my free time, but I must admit that after sitting in the same position for three hours I was both incredibly tired and achy, and I’m not looking forward to feeling that way again tomorrow. Still, I love my new ‘do. Maybe tomorrow I should go in armed with a playlist of fresh tunes to pass the time – if I do, top of the list will be the new single ‘Your Eyes’ from London electronic pop duo Blood Beach. Sultry beats, dreamy synths, and smooth M/F duet vocals make this track perfect for a relaxing evening indoors (or in the chair). Enjoy.


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