PREMIERE: Saharas release infectious new single ‘Sweat’

Another day, another glorious bout of sunshine graces the land. Whilst we are not skipping work today for a park trip, there are still many excuses to get a bit of that all important vitamin D, namely coffee runs. Cecilia (who you may know from the Demolition Day episodes) just went for one, and on our way back a strange gentleman in a purple outfit asked us if ‘we knew what was happening at Hyde Park today?’ ‘No’ we said, ‘why?’. Apparently it’s Marijuana Day (of course, 4/20 blaze it), which marks the day that flocks of stoners head to the park to smoke weed, largely uninterrupted by the police. Not personally my bag, but all power to them, and I hope they all have a swell, wholesome time – and if I were to recommend a track to go along with all that fun in the sun, it would be the new single ‘Sweat’ from indie rockers SAHARAS. With funk-inspired off kilter rhythms, explosive guitar riffs, and catchy vocal hooks, the track is given a retro flavour with piercing 80’s synth accents. Full of the band’s infectious personality, it’s hard to think of an audience that ‘Sweat’ won’t make an impression on. Enjoy.

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