Joe Taylor ‘Battlefield’

We did a bit of a naughty thing today in the office. Upon realising the temperature was nearing 30 degrees, we decided to head to Regent’s Park for an ice cream (or two) and a kick about – although I was more content to just sit on the grass and bask in that good old Vitamin D. It’s always a bit sad when good weather falls on a weekday, so everyone appreciated the chance to soak up some rays instead of sitting in an office looking at our screens. Navigating the park was much like fighting our way through a veritable battlefield of pasty bodies, which leads me neatly on to today’s Track Of The Day, ‘Battlefield’ by rising contemporary soul artist Joe Taylor. Featuring his distinctive baritone vocal gymnastics, the track is influenced by old school 90’s RnB – yet is kept bang up to date by shuffling percussion, glitchy synths, and glitzy production elements. With one step in the past, and one in the future, you can be sure that Joe Taylor will be making a big impression in 2018. Enjoy.

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