PREMIERE: MSEA releases intriguing new track ‘Sex Self’

Yet another miserable day in London. It’s actually started to feel cold again, so thank god we are (hopefully) in for some sunshine this weekend. I can only apply gradual tanner so often without getting sick of it, or my boyfriend complaining that I smell like curry/biscuits – not terrible smells on their own, but not exactly what you would associate with fresh clean skin after a shower. It also defeats the object of spending time picking out a fragrant shower gel, which often takes me a good ten minutes in the supermarket. What can I say, I’m a sucker for advertising and flowery packaging. Well, today’s Track Of The Day certainly doesn’t come in flowery packaging, but anatomical packaging, as Reykjavik-based artist MSEA explores the disconnect between body and sensuality on her latest track ‘Sex Self’. Industrial sounding strings provide a droning backdrop to MSEA’s floaty vocal as digital interference gives way to chopped and screwed beats, noise collages, and wailing sines, marking a cerebral and intriguing new release from the experimental musician. Enjoy.

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