Bullet Girl ‘Weh’

I have a Facebook page for an old music project from a few years ago, and I’ve recently started receiving weird messages from a stranger. I say recently, this has been going on since January. This guy, let’s call him Colin, randomly messages me late at night saying things like ‘you there’, ‘I’m lonely’, ‘sorry’, and ‘hope you’re ok’. My personal favourite is ‘I don’t like males cos there [sic] wankers gal x’. The really weird thing is, this Facebook page has no links to my personal page, no photos of me, and hasn’t been posted on for at least a year. Maybe he is a lonely guy who felt a strange attachment to my music? Or more likely, a creeper who is trying to lure me into a conversation? Who knows. It’s very perplexing, and kind of unnerving to receive these messages when I’m in bed and about to fall asleep. I just hope good old Colin isn’t a stalker (but if he is, this blog post can serve as evidence in my murder trial). Anyway, today I’m feeling feisty, listening to the new track ‘Weh’ from Irish noise rockers Bullet Girl. Hailing from Dublin, the post punks’ latest offering is a mile-a-minute DIY riot, with wall of sound guitars, wailing vocals, and manic drum playing. Enjoy.

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