Pip Hall ‘Fire’

What a miserable day. There’s nothing quite as soul destroying as tearing open the curtains on a Monday morning to see anaemic washed out skies and drizzly rain streaking the windows – not even my new cheery yellow scarf is enough to lift the spirits. All I want to do is submerge myself in a scalding hot bath and watch Netflix on my laptop and not emerge for at least 2 hours (or until my fingers resemble small, pale prunes). Is that so much to ask? Well, it is if you live in a shoebox with barely enough room for a shower, let alone the luxury of a bath. Oh well. Maybe I’ll dunk my feet in my foot bath (yes, I’m 80) when I get home and let the bubble jets do the work. For now, I’ll have to rely on some upbeat indie pop to do the trick, and luckily enough I was recently sent the new single from Preston up-and-comer Pip Hall. Written, recorded, and produced on her laptop, ‘Fire’ is all about the frailty and anxiety of the human condition, offset with poppy hooks, grooving synths, and soaring vocal lines. Enjoy.

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