Austel Press Photo 1 (Jennifer McCord Photography) low res

Austel ‘Crows’

I’m baaaaaaaaack. Yesterday morning I reluctantly boarded the plane back to England after a week long trip visiting my parents in Italy. Although the weather wasn’t anything to write home about, I still managed to catch a few rays and stock up on some of that all important Vitamin D, so I’m feeling pretty well rested and ready to get back into the swing of things – including the near 200 unread emails piled up in my inbox. This kind of back to work admin slog calls for some great music to pass the time, which today comes courtesy of new kid on the block Austel. Signalling a strong start for the Devon born artist, debut single ‘Crows’ is a stunning piece of electronica with lush soundscapes, dark synths, and bewitching percussion. Intricate chimes and industrial textures add a sense of otherworldliness to Austel’s enchanting vocal as she navigates folk inspired runs and hooks, cementing her place as perhaps one of the most exciting new artists this spring.

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