Naked Giants ‘Sluff’

Hooray for Daylight Saving Time. We can now all enjoy another hour of sunlight each day, which as our collective Vitamin D reserves are at an all time low following such a brutal spring, can only be a good thing. Although, there are an awful lot of tired people wandering around London today. It’s surprising how much of an effect losing just one hour of sleep can have on a person’s mood, energy, and productivity. In fact, last night I felt compelled to take an hour long nap at 7pm, which I really do not recommend, because I woke up feeling weird, tired, and thirsty, and was too awake to go to bed at a normal time. Still, the benefits of a longer day far outweigh the drawbacks in my opinion. Anyway, today I am listening to the latest single from Seattle’s Naked Giants, ‘Sluff’. Taken from their upcoming debut album, the new track is chock full of slacker rock guitar riffs, catchy hooks, and face meltingly distorted guitar solos, with the new video featuring Seattle artists showcasing what the word ‘sluff’ means to them within their own original art. Enjoy.

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