The Manatees – Press Photo 1 – 72dpi


Photo: @c.p.images

There really is nothing better than a Friday. With the promise of a long weekend stretching out ahead of you and a day spent tying up all those little loose ends at work, it’s hard not to feel optimistic at the end of the week. Weekends are so important for unwinding (I’m sorry if you work in retail or customer service – I too have experienced the perils of weekend work and I know it is the worst), and I love to spend mine listening to podcasts, tidying my flat, cooking, and going for walks. All those little things you end up neglecting during the week, including self care, are suddenly propelled to the forefront of your to-do list. Long shower? Check. Spend some quality time with your friends family? Check. Eat your weight in brunch food? Check check check. I’m also excited today because next Wednesday I’m heading off to Italy for a week to see my parents/dog. Although I usually fly into Pisa Airport, I have sometimes gone via Milan – an elegant journalistic segue which leads me to today’s premiere of The Manatees‘ brand new single ‘Milan’. Featuring lazily meandering bass lines, relaxed guitar riffs, and gravelly vocals, the new track captures the trials and tribulations of young love whilst painting an immersive picture of summers whiled away travelling Europe. Harking back to the likes of The Kinks, ‘Milan’ is an assured piece of indie pop songwriting, with catchy melodies and infectious riffs. Enjoy.

PS – Catch them in the flesh tomorrow night at Nambucca, Holloway Road, London

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