How’s Harry ‘Gathering Storm’

Two blog posts in one day? Absolute madness. Not much has changed in the last couple of hours, except that I am now freezing cold. I usually bring a scarf to work, not to wear, but to drape around myself in times like this, but today I thought I would be okay without one. Big mistake. It’s probably the inactive nature of sitting at a desk that makes me so prone to the cold – maybe I should get one of those cool standing desks and jog on the spot while I type. Anyway, today is the last day of our week long partnership with Close Up Festival, and we’re finishing the week on a high with South East London band How’s Harry. The foursome’s most recent single ‘Gathering Storm’ is a funktastic fan favourite, with bold distorted guitar riffs, industrial drum fills, and anthemic sing along chorus as lead singer Ike Foulkes takes charge of the mile-a-minute, rhythmic soundscape. Catch them at CloseUp Festival 2018 on the 12th May at Hoxton Square Bar and Grill (tickets here)

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