No Hot Ashes ‘Skint Kids Disco’

I’ve been neglecting my health recently…or if I’m completely honest for the last year. I have pretty bad  iron deficiency, and am supposed to take daily supplements, which I stopped doing a year ago because a) they taste like actual fecal matter and b) you can’t drink tea an hour either side of taking them, which is just unrealistic. Well, my neglect has come back to bite me, and I am 90% sure I’ve let my iron levels get too low again, because I have no energy, I feel dizzy, and I’m having horrible headaches. It kind of feels like having a hangover ALL THE TIME. So I need to work on getting those all important iron levels up again. That means taking my tablets, eating loads of spinach and rice crispies, and getting my full eight hours a night. I’m on a health kick, and I’m determined to see it through until I am a vision of perfect, glowing nourishment inside and out. I’m still not going to exercise though, that’s for losers and Olympic athletes, of which I am neither. Enough about health woes, let’s have some music now. I’m listening to ‘Skint Kids Disco’ from Stockport’s buzziest new band No Hot Ashes, a bubbly, buoyant piece of indie disco pop. With sleazy guitar riffs, funky bass lines, and 70’s throwback percussion, this is the perfect track to dance away your money woes as lead singer Isaac Taylor wails ‘Skint kids / we’re just trying to survive’ in his characteristic drawl. Catch them at CloseUp Festival 2018 on the 12th May at Hoxton Square Bar and Grill (tickets here) and watch the colourful video below:

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