FOURS ‘Sweet Reality’

Recently I’ve been watching ‘Nailed It’ on Netflix and it’s fast becoming my favourite TV show. It’s basically The Great British Bake Off for people who are awful at baking; the contestants are set impossibly difficult challenges like creating a shark out of cake, and then we get to laugh at their terrible efforts. You’d think it would put anyone off baking, but it’s actually put me in the mood to get in the kitchen, namely so I can prove that I am at least not as bad as the people on Nailed It. I’m thinking something Easter themed…maybe with those little Cadbury eggs with the shells…anyway, enough about food, this is a music blog! Right now I’m listening to ‘Sweet Reality’, the latest single from London band FOURS. The electro pop four piece have already made quite a name for themselves through their infectious pop hooks and retro synth laden sound worlds, and the new song is no exception. Sublime synth chord progressions are underlaid with trappy percussive hits and chorus heavy guitar riffs as lead singer Edith Violet’s soulful vocal soars and soars. Catch them at CloseUp Festival 2018 on the 12th May at Hoxton Square Bar and Grill – tickets here.

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