Arcade Hearts ‘Different Place’

So it got cold again and I’ve been flung (unwillingly) into mornings traversing treacherous snow covered steps and waiting for long-delayed trains. Today, when I bought a coffee from the station cafe, the lady serving me had to apologise because the milk had frozen in the frigid temperatures and was coming out of the bottle in large icy chunks. Yet, the sun has come out to greet us this afternoon, and as a result my mood is improving with every hour. I’m almost optimistic that my upcoming trip to Italy may even be, dare I say it, warm? Its the kind of day that calls for adrenaline filled indie pop, in my humble opinion. So, to kick off our week long partnership with Close Up Promotions, today’s Track Of The day comes from Gosport (which is an absolute shit hole, and I know this because I used to live round the corner) based indie disco newcomers Arcade Hearts. Their new single ‘Different Place’ is a mile a minute funk inspired jaunt, with chattering vocal samples, upbeat guitar riffs, and synthtastic melodies intertwining with wailing new romantic vocals. The new video sees the band getting up to mischief among the neon lights of Clarence Pier in Southsea (somewhere where I have whiled away many an afternoon in my teens) as they sing about the virtues of letting go of modern distractions and just having some fun. Catch them at CloseUp Festival 2018 on the 12th May at Hoxton Square Bar and Grill – tickets here.


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