Bonny Doon ‘A Lotta Things’

I don’t know if anyone else experiences this, but I get extremely hyperactive after eating. I’m not talking about being a little wired, I’m talking literally bouncing off the walls, dancing around the kitchen, irritating my boyfriend hyperactive. My cat does much the same after she uses the litter tray. Apparently this can be chocked down to ‘poophoria’ or the feeling of happiness after making an, ahem, bowel movement. Therefore at some point in most evenings, my long suffering boyfriend has to put up with my hyperactivity whilst my cat zips around the flat like a buttered bullet – I can imagine it’s quite stressful, and I have to say it is tiring for me and the cat, whose sleep requirements trump anyone else’s in the house. I woke up this morning with a stiff neck because she decided to use my entire pillow as a bed, leaving me hanging off the edge awkwardly – I never have the heart to move her. Anyway, today I’m listening to Michigan four piece Bonny Doon’s latest single ‘A Lotta Things’. Signalling a move away from their previously highly textured outputs, the new single is all about simplicity, with intertwining guitar lines, improvised country-style riffs, and confessional lyrics. Enjoy.

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