Clairo ‘Flaming Hot Cheetos’

It was actually somewhat warm this morning in London. By warm, of course, I mean it was kind of mild, at least compared to the cold weather we’ve been having lately. Sadly, I underdressed for the typical meteorological mood swings London enjoys, so I am now sat in the office wearing my coat and clutching a cup of hot tea to try to stave of hypothermia. Oh well, it was spring for a good couple of hours, and at this stage I’ll take that. Today we all woke up to the sad news that Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76 – which, I must admit took me by surprise. Despite his illness, he had always come across to me as an indestructible figure, and naturally the majority of the population won’t remember a time when he wasn’t at paving the way for exciting new discoveries in the field of theoretical physics and cosmology. Whilst few of us can say we have a deep understanding of the aforementioned scientific fields, we are all familiar with the idea of The Big Bang and black holes, and his computer generated American accent is arguably the most recognisable voice in the world. So if you’re feeling a little sad about the news, a little reflective, I would like to recommend the new track ‘Flaming Hot Cheetos’ from lo-fi bedroom pop artist Clairo. Hailing from Boston, Clairo’s latest offering is a piece of hypnotic chilled out DIY pop, with bitcrushed percussion, soft synthy keys and revealing lyrics in her minimalist laidback vocal style. Enjoy.

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