Swear Tapes ‘Blasé Blasé’

What a bloody miserable day. At least the temperature is less frigid than it has been as of late, but why must that come at the price of a week long spell of drizzle for the capital? Oh well, there are other ways to coax the sunshine indoors (I recommend a timed lamp that mimics the sunrise instead of your standard bleeping alarm, does wonders for the body clock), and we are all going to have to call on those little self care habits to get through the coming week. One of those habits has to be listening to some new music every day – there’s nothing worse than getting the shower temperature just right and then realising that you’d literally rather gouge your eyes out than listen to your standard bath time playlist one more time. So if you are in need of something fresh to listen to whilst getting fresh, look no further than Swear Tapes, the solo project of Young Buffalo’s Jim Barratt. Latest single ‘Blasé Blasé’ is as fresh as it gets, with intricately plucked guitars, Beatles-style chord progressions, and Barrett’s retro sounding vocal soaring above the enchanting sound world as he sings ‘will I have enough love for the next step?’. Enjoy.

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