NEWS: Prolific songwriter Paul Aiden releases first ever solo single
“Ticket 2 The Moon”

+ Released 7th March via Killing Moon
+ Premiered via Vents Magazine 
+ Songwriter for the likes of Universal, Island, EMI, Sony, 3Beat and Warner
+ Combined streams of his songs are now over 3 Million, with 11 Million views on YouTube
+ Multiple chart positions in the UK and North America (inc. USA #2 iTunes/Canada #3 iTunes Dance)
+ Supporting KEELS at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, 28th March – TICKETS


“Engrossing musicality […] A quiet intensity that gets under your skin.” CLASH

“Amazing songwriter Paul Aiden [is] unique and original.” WONDERLAND

“Unique songwriting prowess and vocal capabilities.” YOUR EDM

Paul Aiden is happy to lay bare in his striking new solo project. With only his voice, a Martin D18 and no studio tricks or click tracks, his new song ‘Ticket 2 The Moon’ falls in bold counterpoint to his recent work in lauded dance duo Chimes – though fans will recognise the same ingenious and ambitious songwriting, the same which caught the attention of Wonderland, DIY and the BBC and packed venues including Camden’s KOKO.

The song “Ticket 2 The Moon” was originally written a few years ago as a direct reaction to the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre which occurred in 2012, where 20 young children and 6 adults were killed by a lone gunman who entered a school. Then, in October last year, there was yet another mass shooting in Las Vegas and Paul’s anger towards the insanely backwards gun laws in America that caused more innocent people to die reminded him of his song idea. This episode made the singer want to re-arrange and finally record “Ticket 2 The Moon”, to be released it as a single.
Paul says: “I’d love this song to make a difference in some way and become some kind of positive anthem for gun control and I do think the fact that guns of that nature being illegal here should be something we should be extremely proud of in the UK. The lyric in the chorus “I’m buying a ticket to the moon” is basically a short way of saying the horror that we see on earth is sometimes so distressing and mindless I literally want to go into orbit and leave everything behind.”
The song stylistically is bluegrass/Americana folk – which couldn’t be more fitting for the subject matter – but was actually purely accidental. Paul used American guitars and the track was recorded at home, live, and with minimal overdubs. The only percussion you can hear is the muted strings from a 1950’s telecaster guitar.

It’s an honesty that comes after a prolific career spent largely out of the spotlight, distilled through time spent busking and travelling the world. With a wealth of songwriting credits spanning Universal, Island, EMI, Sony, 3Beat, Warner and more, Paul’s move to release his solo work is long overdue; Killing Moon Records are excited to be releasing the first in a series of singles.

Catch Paul live at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen supporting KEELS, 28th March:


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