Sam Eagle ’15/8′

Apparently the ‘ear-tuck’ is the hottest new trend in hair styling. For those of you who aren’t in the know, this is the simple art of tucking either one or both sides of your hair behind your ears, which I have been doing since, well, since I’ve had hair on my head. Who knew I was so fashionable? I used to get annoyed at myself for doing it, after all, spending time crafting the perfect hairstyle only to claw it messily back from your face is rather frustrating, and it is a largely unconscious thing I do to stop it from falling in my eyes. Now, I am annoyingly CONSCIOUS of the fact that my hair is behind my ears and, I now feel weird and unnatural. Like saying a word so many times it becomes unintelligible. Or become aware of every time you blink. The only distraction that is good enough to tear me away from the torment of mere existence is the new single ’15/8′ from 18 year old Essex musician Sam Eagle. Despite his relative youth, Sam demonstrates a real knack for clever songwriting on this new track, with unusual guitar rhythms, complex vocal melodies, and unexpected synth brass accents which add a touch of the otherworldly to the song. Check out the cool new video below:

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