Yesterday I made my first foray into the world of sound design for film. Some of you may already know that my partner is currently studying for a masters in Sound Design, and I decided that rather than spend the day at home doing nothing much at all, I would go and help him with the foley work for a horror film he is currently working on. ‘Foley’ is the reproduction of every day sounds to be added into a film to enhance the audio quality – for example, the recording of footsteps in post production to mimic an actor walking. I had the pleasure of not only recording the footsteps of a vampire by walking on the spot next to a microphone, but also squishing up watermelons, oranges, and bananas to mimic the sound of tearing flesh (I told you in was a horror film). It was a lovely reminder of how fun sound can be, and getting stuck into this hands on form of sounding making was a really fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. One band who knows all about the fun in making sound is East London based electronic soul duo E Q U A L S, who today unveil the video for their latest single ‘Letter To Leave’. With fizzy 80’s synths, darkly shuffling beats, and singer Ade Omotayo’s emotive and soulful vocals soaring above the digital mix, this new track is staunchly anti-Brexit as he sings ‘we can’t go back to where we’re from’. As a London-based Nigerian immigrant this is a topic close to his heart, and to songwriter James Low, who has campaigned against Brexit politically, the powerful new black and white video documents the people left behind in the wake of Britain’s departure from the European Union. Check it out:

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