I want to talk to you guys about something that is very important to me: ‘Queer Eye’ is the brand new reboot of the reality show which aired between 2003 and 2007, and was based largely on the assumption that gay men are super fashionable and cultured and straight men are, well, the opposite. This new series however, is far more nuanced, with some genuinely touching moments between the Fab Five and their apprentice, and with an emphasis on ‘acceptance’ of the gay community rather than ‘tolerance’. Particularly wonderful is grooming expert Jonathon, who is an absolute firecracker, whipping his long (and extremely well groomed) mane and finger clicking to cries of ‘YAASS KWEEN’ at his newly suave protégé. His parts in the show are usually hilarious, but all of the Fab Five garner moments of real emotional breakthrough, whether they are convincing self described ‘ugly redneck’ Tom that he is in fact very handsome, or helping semi-closeted AJ embrace his true self. In short, I love this programme and I recommend that everyone watches it. Anyway, another thing I’d like to recommend is the new single from The Half Light, a four piece indie band formed in 2011, who are returning to the scene in 2018 with new material and a fresh new line up. Latest single ‘8th May’ is a jaunty piece of indie rock with offbeat lyrics, danceable rhythms and jubilant guitars. Smiths-style meandering melodies and vocalist James’ new romantic sensibility serve as a nod to the past whilst future facing synth drones bring this track bang up to date – in short, there’s joy to be found for everyone in this exciting new single, which will be available on all streaming services on Monday 5th March here‘8th May’ is the first track from their forthcoming EP, Night On My Mind, set for release later this year. 

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