Madison ‘Hustle’

There really is nothing worse than breaking in new shoes. I’m currently trying to break in a lovely pair of black brogues and I just know that by the end of the day they will have sheared all the skin off the backs of my ankles, but what can you do? It’s a necessary evil and no amount of loosening my laces or slyly taking them off under my desk is going to help – this is something I have to stick with until the bitter end, until either I, or the shoes win. Blood will be shed, and maybe some tears too, but at least we are enjoying some picturesque wintery weather thanks to ‘the beast from the east’ this week. I say enjoying lightly by the way, because the temperature is particularly frigid, and it’s only set to get colder. Despite all these setbacks, I’m going to suck it up and hustle à la Madison, who does just that on her latest single. Inspired by fierce hustlers Hilary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Serena Williams, ‘Hustle’ is an anthem for woke, hard working women everywhere with industrial beats, glimmering pop synths, and cleverly written girl power slogans, fitting for an artist who recently swapped a PHD in neuroscience for a career in music. Glittering, empowering, and totally glam, I wouldn’t be surprised if this track featured on a RuPaul’s Drag Race lip sync battle in the near future. Enjoy.

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