Swimsuit Issue ‘Look Now’

I feel old today. I no longer get ID’d when I buy alcohol and I have it on good authority that I can’t pass for 18 anymore. I had somewhat naively thought that I would always look very young, or at least would until I hit my late twenties – being 5ft3 surely must come with some advantages like looking younger than your peers? Apparently not. Maybe with the right lighting and a full 12 hours of sleep I could just about get away with it again, but for now I will have to do what I can by dousing myself in four different skin treatments every night and drinking a shit ton of water. I was going to do a really cool segue from ‘water’ to today’s featured band Swimsuit Issue, but quite frankly I’m too tired to think of anything clever right now, so I’m just going to jump right in…at the deep end…of the pool…in my swimsuit? ‘Look Now‘ is the new single from the American duo formed by Miles Garber and David Gagliardi, who have just completed a run of US headline dates. With thrashing drums, Brit-rock inspired guitars, and velvety vocals, the single now comes with a super cool retro video – check it out below:

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