Suuns ‘Make It Real’

My other half and I have been busy little bees lately, with early starts and late nights meaning we have hardly crossed paths in the last week. I feel for him, I really do. At least my day comprises loads of different activities and projects, whereas he has been locked in a dungeon-like mixing room with no natural light for days. That’s why I am SO looking forward to doing nothing this weekend. Real nothingness. Yeah I might tidy our much neglected flat or whip up a healthy soup, but that is as far as my willingness to move around is going to stretch. May even take a nap. Who knows? I’m living on the edge here. In anticipation of being a total slacker from Friday night onwards, I’m listening to some hazy bedroom indie rock with some serious slacker vibes courtesy of Montreal band Suuns who have just released new single ‘Make It Real’. With gently distorted drums, soft synth arpeggios, and weird chord progressions, the pillowy instrumentation make perfect bedfellows with Ben Shemie’s lazily delivered vocal. Go on, get tucked up in a blanket and give this a listen.

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