Let’s Eat Grandma ‘Hot Pink’

Last night we had the launch show for our brand new clubnight No Messin’ at Camden Assembly, and it was a blast. I usually try to leave weeknight gigs fairly early so I can get back to the arse end of nowhere, but I couldn’t draw myself away, the music was so good. When I finally got in at quarter to 11, I was physically drained, but mentally well up for an hour long session of Sonic Mania (I’m so desperately stuck on this one level, so any gaming nerds with good tips please make yourself known), so as you can imagine getting out of bed was a bit of a slog this morning…except it wasn’t? The sunlight was streaming in through the windows, the cat, toasty form sitting above the radiator was miaowing at the foot of the bed, and the smell of soap from my boyfriend’s shower was wafting through the flat like the smell of cut grass on a spring day. It was, in a word, pleasant. And that is a big deal, because I hate mornings with a passion. Anyway, I’m in the mood for something a little weird today, and luckily super cool weirdos Let’s Eat Grandma have just released the new video for their latest single ‘Hot Pink’. With industrial electronic percussion and seemingly out of place kitschy synth keys, the new single is a juxtaposition of masculine and feminine, representing the power of embracing both qualities. Signalling a departure from the ‘fervent noise’ of their debut album I, Gemini, Let’s Eat Grandma are breaking new waves whilst retaining that creepy twin vibe with their childlike vocal style and simple yet effective lyrical style. Check out the new video below:

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