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Ben Hobbs ‘Two Pieces’

It’s getting cold again and I am not happy about it at all. I think we have collectively paid our dues – we’ve bristled against biting winds and sleety onslaughts, so surely we deserve a little bit of sunshine? This is absolutely my least favourite time of year, and it’s going to take a lot of hot coffee and cosy jumpers to get me through the last few weeks of winter (if any of our readers have a holiday home in Barbados, hit me up). Only some silky smooth pop goodness is going to get me through, so thank the lord for South London songwriter and producer Ben Hobbs, who has just unveiled his new single ‘Two Pieces’. With sweeping retro synths, juddering percussion, and production crisp enough to match Hobbs’ polished falsetto vocal, if this track doesn’t lift your spirits, then there is quite frankly no hope for you. Describing the new track, Hobbs says:

With Two Pieces I wanted to make a track to get people moving. It’s all about the process of moving on and escaping something negative in your life, so the idea is that it keeps building and you don’t really know what’s coming next.”

“I wanted the production on the track to be fun so I spent some time playing around with this bass and drum groove, which becomes the foundation for the song. It’s a little bit funky, definitely inspired by some of my older influences.”


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