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It’s sunny! And actually kind of warm…if you stand still in the sun that is. It’s hard to put into words how happy it makes me to not be battling freezing winds and frigid temps this afternoon. Still, this is where I come to moan, so I’m going to do just that – after all it’s been what, a week since I last whined about public transport. In fact, I’m going to frame this as a public service announcement: DON’T BRING YOUR TEN KIDS, BUGGIES AND SUITCASES ON A COMMUTER TRAIN. It is literally the bane of my life. This morning I was crammed in to a standing room only train with screaming kids at rush hour and it was so hot and I didn’t have enough room to take off my jacket and blah blah blah. Why do it?! So after a less than relaxing journey in to work, I’m very pleased to be listening to the new EP ‘Issen’ from Bel Mar, a mysterious duo who blend electronica, pop, and classical instrumentation for a seriously tranquil sound. First track ‘Gravity’ features rolling piano arpeggios, stuttering drums, and breathy vocals courtesy of lead singer Michelle, who lends a little Imogen Heap sensibility to the rich soundworld. Opulent strings and complex vocal harmony are offset by subtle synths accents on largely instrumental track ‘Fossils’, whilst ‘Forearm’ and ‘Criminal’ have a folkier flavour with an emphasis on narrative lyric writing and clever melodies. All in all, if you’ve had a stressful commute, listen to this and you will chill right out. Enjoy.

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