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So it happened. I’m 24. I’m no longer in my early twenties. I’m (shudder) OLD. Okay, so I’m not old, but I’m definitely oldER, and boy do I feel it. Saying that I had such a great birthday – I completely switched off from my emails and spent the day with my other half wandering around central London. The highlight of my day was getting to see the new Disney/Pixar film Coco, and fair warning, you will cry. Lots. With all this emotional turmoil and the unrelenting rain that has plagued London for the last couple of days, I’ve been craving some shoegazey guitar-heavy alt rock (specific, I know), and thankfully, Bristol band Felina have delivered. The new self-titled EP is an absolute treat for the ears, with Johnny Marr-esque guitar riffs, and well crafted chord progressions, whilst dreamy vocal harmony and moody bass lines are reminiscent of early emo pioneers American Football. Particularly good is ‘Wide Eyes’, which sees the band explore a lighter sound world juxtaposed with confessional lyrics that are at once extremely relatable and totally devastating. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

‘Felina’ is out now on all major DSP’s.

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