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Demolition Day Round Up #11

So, for those new to this malarky: Demolition Day sees us listen to our picks of new, under the radar music every week. Watch live from the Killing Moon Facebook page to see the whole thing in real-time. It’s the future, man.

Our special guest today was Pearse Grady of Bakery Boy Music, an artist management, consultancy, and PR company. This week we heard new music from Croatia, Middle Kids, Low Swans, Leon Of Athens, and The Young Hearts – enjoy!

**We had a technical issue today which is why you can’t see anything and you can hear Olivia swearing at the beginning. That’s live TV folks!**

That’s it from us this week. We’ll be back, streaming from Facebook, next week at 2pm. And, if you’ve got something ripe we should hear in the meantime, fire us an email at [email protected] Ace. 

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