Cool American ‘Focus’

How many coffees is too many? I’m on my fourth right now. I think I’m going to stick to the tea for the rest of the day, otherwise I’m going to get all weird and jittery (or more so than usual). I’m going to make an admission – sometimes doing this job means that I get a little bored of listening to music. I know that a label manager isn’t supposed that say that, but it’s the truth, and I know for a fact that loads of other people in the music industry feel the same way – the nature of our work means we end up listening to an awful lot of crap. Saying that, I feel as though I’m enjoying a bit of a music renaissance at the moment; I can’t bloody get enough of the stuff. Instead of listening to my usual podcasts, I’ve rediscovered the joy of listening to music in the shower and singing along as loudly as possible. The joy of belting songs from the Lion King when washing up. The joy of listening to a song I love on repeat as I work. I found some more of that joy when I listened to the new track from Cool American, a band from Portland who describe their music as ‘dorito-pop’ (I’m sold). ‘Focus‘ is almost heartbreakingly vulnerable, with swathes of gauzy synth enveloping auto tuned vocals that ask ‘how the fuck does anyone focus on the good stuff’. At only two minutes long this song could easily go on for six or seven, but I’ll have to be content with playing it back to back, forever. Enjoy.

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