Mt. Wolf ‘Bohemia’

I woke up to snow this morning. Not enough to settle, but still, snow. Usually this would be the highlight of my day, but I am beyond over winter, and I’m craving some serious Vitamin D right now. It was cold in bed last night too, so much so that I woke up several times shivering and clawing at the blankets being hogged by my peacefully snoring boyfriend, waking up with a jolt again when my cat decided to do ‘the thing’ and crashed into the bedroom door. For anyone not familiar with ‘the thing’, it is what cats do in the early hours of the morning – running frantically in and out of rooms, knocking things over, chasing bits of plastic/fluff/[insert inanimate object here] with the ferocity of a lion bringing down its kill (I beg you to watch this video for the perfect explanation). But sweet little Ethel, is not a lion. She is an elderly house cat with incredibly fluffy paws that cause her to slip and slide on our laminate floors – she is unable to stop herself once she starts running, meaning she crashes into things and wakes me up every morning at around 4. Sometimes she throws up on the rug. Sometimes she pisses on the bed. She also yowls to be fed (despite having a full bowl of food – cat logic) and jumps on and off the bed, even stopping to sit on my chest like a grim spectre of death, the tiniest drop of dribble spilling out of her purring mouth. Despite all of this I still dutifully get up to put more food on top of the food already in her bowl, and still cuddle her close in bed when she has stinky fish breath. If that isn’t true love, I don’t know what is. Anyway in an an attempt to create a semblance of peace this afternoon, I’m listening to the new single ‘Bohemia‘ from electronic folk band Mt. Wolf. Having been compared to the likes of Bon Iver and The National, the band’s masterful amalgamation of classical strings, throbbing electronica, and folky guitar is as enchanting as ever in this haunting offering from the London trio. Check out the exquisite new video below:

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