KiDD ‘Baby Bird’

I’ve been vegan for nearly a month now. Yes, there have been a few slip ups (mainly unintentional), but the whole process has been largely painless. There’s nothing I’ve really craved – milk chocolate is easily swapped for dark, I kind of like my coffee with soy milk, and with the demand for vegan food growing every day, most retailers and restaurants have happily jumped on the bandwagon. I do actually feel better health-wise as well – not that I ever ate much dairy anyway, but being more aware in general about what I’m putting into my body has the added benefit of encouraging me to eat more fruit and veg. Now I just need to tackle the other unhealthy aspects of my lifestyle, and before you know it, I’ll be literally glowing from a mixture of high carotene levels and general joie de vivre. It’s an optimistic time for me, let’s just put it that way. That’s why I’m loving the infectiously optimistic new album ‘Where Are The Strange People‘ from KiDD, the songwriting project of former BMX Bandits guitarist Stuart Kidd. Released via Pretty Olivia Records (well, if you say so), one stand out track from the album is ‘Baby Bird‘. Sunshine drenched acoustic guitar underpins hippie-tastic flower pop vocals, belied by subtle distorted percussion and kitschy whistles. Bloody delightful.

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