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Eight editions in and I’ve only just realised you can externally embed Facebook videos. WordPress is a wonderful thing. That said, they want to come out with an update that actually writes the articles for us. Come on, pull your finger out WordPress. It’s 2018 for fuck’s sake.

Demolition Day 7

We're live with Annabel Allum for Demolition Day! Featuring Chemtrails, William Patrick Owen, Dantevilles, Jacob Faurholt, and Holy Motors…

Posted by Killing Moon on Friday, January 26, 2018

So, for those new to this malarky: Demolition Day sees us listen to our picks of new, under the radar music every week. Watch live from the Killing Moon Facebook page to see the whole thing in real-time. It’s the future, man.

Our glamorous guest today was Annabel Allum, who dropped her new single ‘Beat The Birds’ yesterday. It’s horrendously good. Stop making us all look so bad, Annabel. Give it a listen here.

Chemtrails – Ghosts of My Dad Cat

Poor Livs had flashbacks to My Sweet Jax by Hot Dad, her relentlessly sad dead-cat-related track of the day a few months back. Chemtrails approached the subject matter from a slightly different angle, sounding like a garage band from outer space. We’re already fans here at KM Towers, with a couple of past features on the KM blog. Their upcoming LP ‘Calf of the Sacred Cow’ drop 9th February.

– – – – –

William Patrick Owen – Homme Fatale

For me, this tracks sums up the ultimate satisfaction of fresh guitar strings. Owen’s new record, ‘first person singular’, eschews polished studio tricks and capital letters with introverted lyrics and Nick Drake-esque guitars. Homme Fatale was our pick from the record; listen below.

– – – – –

Dantevilles – Blackjack

We were fans of Dantevilles’ bold sound, which sees the Manchester group “singing songs for a New North” – a torch also carried by label mates Her’s. There are loads of ideas crammed into the track; evidently, this is a band unafraid of a good melody line.

– – – – –

Jacob Faurholt – Shock Me

One of the gentler tracks from Faurholt’s bedroom recorded album ‘A Lake of Distoriton‘; the perfect blend of DIY and vision, with thick strings underpinning a vocal strong in simplicity.

– – – – –

Holy Motors – I Will Try

I always feel guilty when I include a track from a) an artist we’ve already covered and b) they’re already (relatively) popular. Well, these pseudo-rules don’t apply to Holy Motors, because they’re on of my favourite new bands and their new single ‘I Will Try’ just came out. In typical Holy Motors fashion it relies heavily on spaghetti Western guitar lines and soft delays; slowly spiralling, it’s truly a beautiful drag. I will try.

That’s it from us this week. We’ll be back, streaming from Facebook, next week at 2pm. And, if you’ve got something ripe we should hear in the meantime, fire us an email at [email protected] Ace. 

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