Yellow Days ‘Holding On’

Usually my time at work is spent being fairly productive – I normally end up completing quite a few tasks by the end of the day. But today, it’s just not happening. Every time I go to start a new project I find myself staring blankly at my laptop screen, and suddenly 20 minutes has passed. I need a coffee to get started I think, so I make one. I need to give my full attention to work, so I drink the coffee whilst checking through emails. Oh, the coffee is finished and I’m not feeling any more awake. Maybe a tea? I make a tea and write down a list of the things I need to do today. It’s suddenly lunchtime. No matter, I’ll really knuckle down after lunch. And that’s how an entire day slips through your fingers. Thankfully, it’s very quiet today anyway, but it’s still incredibly frustrating. I think I may just be tired from the amount of travelling I’ve had to do recently to get home from work – the importance of having time at home to unwind every evening is becoming clearer and clearer to me with every passing day. Bedtime can’t come soon enough, but I still stay up until 11 to achieve some semblance of an ‘evening’. Maybe I should just write off the evening altogether and get up super early to do yoga and eat breakfast (I don’t think I’ve regularly eaten breakfast since junior school) – we are blessed in the music industry with relatively late starts, after all. Maybe the solution to all my problems would be to just move back to London, but until my partner has finished his Masters, a cute little city flat is but a distant dream. Oh, what I’d give to live in Catford again, even with the noisy neighbours, the honking of buses rattling down the road, the drunks brawling in the street. Anything would be better than this half-life I’m living now. I may sound rather down in the dumps, but I’m not really; I just need a lie in, and thank God it’s nearly the weekend. I’m going to sleep for 48 hours straight, and I absolutely can’t wait. Anyway, I’m listening to ‘Holding On‘, the new single from Yellow Days, AKA singer-songwriter George van der Broek. With unsettling detuned organ, gentling grooving guitars, and barber shop style harmonies, ‘Holding On’ proves that the 50’s revival championed by the likes of Trudy and the Romance and Her’s, is still alive and kicking. Unlike me. Enjoy.

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