Cautious Clay ‘Juliet + Caeser’

Horror of horrors, I have conjunctivitis, an eye infection more commonly known as ‘pink eye’. Yeah, I know, gross. I feel gross too. I’m not allowed to wear makeup and I have to *shudder* throw away any eye makeup I have been using, which means saying goodbye to the only gel eyeliner that I have ever been able to master the perfect cat-eye flick with. Saying that, there is something rather liberating about foregoing mascara every morning. When asked what item of makeup people would choose to take with them to a desert island, most will respond with mascara. Yet, there is something to be said about embracing a more natural look, and I’m sure there is some value to be found in my pale, almost translucent blonde eyelashes – still, I find myself staring at my boyfriend’s thick, dark, and inexplicably curled lashes with more than a touch of the green eyed monster. Quite literally in my case. Anyway, right now I’m listening to the latest offering from Brooklyn based producer and songwriter Cautious Clay. Hitting what was recently cynically described to me as ‘the A+R sweet spot’ (i.e chilled out RnB) ‘Juliet + Caesar’ is a heady mix of close gospel harmony, chattering percussion, and Clay’s smooth baritone vocal. Full bodied piano flourishes, sweeping synths, and jazz saxophone add a touch of drama to an otherwise laid back arrangement, whilst still retaining the innate coolness of the sound world. Enjoy.

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